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9/16 – 9/22 Workout Plan

No workout Thursday and Friday to prepare for Marine Mud Run on Saturday! Day One Push plate (suicides) 45 lb, bear crawls, assorted wind sprints, and walking lunges. Jump rope, burpees, bosu ball push-ups, Russian twists, box jumps with medicine ball.  Lots of sweat. Lots of pain. Day Two Round 1 – 18 reps. Round [...]

Fitness Journal: September 2012 Week 1

I’ve decided to no longer post workouts as “Sexyback ’12.”  While I appreciate the challenge, it’s not exactly what I’m after. My motto remains: stronger, leaner, faster, meaner. The dude in the picture is obviously not me. I don’t know him, but he best not get in my way at this year’s mud run. I’m [...]

Sexyback 12 Week 6 Check-In

Week 6, going strong. Mental:  I’ve really been focusing on the discipline of… focusing.  I’m uber-ADD and always considered it a blessing, until the last few years.  With a full plate, focus can be difficult.  Our culture, especially media,  encourages a mindset that requires very little focus.  I’m more focused, so that’s a good thing. [...]

Week 5 Check-in #SexyBack12

I was out of town for the last check-in and the one before, but that’s okay!  I’m determined to spend more time “unplugged” so the break was a blessing.  I managed to run a few times on vacation, eat decent, and not gain weight. I’ve got two runs coming up.  The Marine 5k Mud Run [...]