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I’ve mostly stopped blogging on this site. It was beginning to look like a mixing pot for ideas and lacked focus. Over the last two years, the direction has changed entirely. Over the coming weeks I’ll be adding tutorials for landscapes with tips & tricks to enhance images. With that said, I’m off to take [...]

Obscure Music

You should be listening to anything by The Lumineers, Mumford & Sons, or The Avett Brothers… but you already know that.  Here are some others you may not know. The Way We Move by Langhorne Slim and The Law Cats and Dogs by The Heart and the Head Home Is Not Places, Sets Me Free, or [...]

Life is a Reflection of My Strangeness

Since September of 2007, I’ve had only 4 plausible items on my bucket list. Go on Wipeout Visit Alaska Un-Follow a Kardashian (I haven’t worked up the nerve to actually follow one of them.) Hike the Appalachian Trail – most likely this will be comprised of section hikes, which I’m fully aware isn’t the same. [...]

The #Awesome30 Revolution

While social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter have great features, most of us have used our status updates to vent about the day’s frustrations.  Andy McBeard of Crucial Encounters says, “I can quickly come up with 140 characters to summarize why my day sucks.  Why my dinner was subpar.  Why The season finale to [...]