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Holiday Meltdown Ben vs Beck Day 43

It’s Monday – you know what that means?  Picture day!  I also posted a picture yesterday because I think that was my first ab-tastic day.  Maybe it’s not a super-duper defined 6 pack, but I’m okay with that. Day 43 Diet Sugar cookies, peanut butter sandwich, lots of coffee, applewood smoked turkey, tangerine, 4 danish [...]

Holiday Meltdown Day 37 + 38

I didn’t post day 37 yesterday because I spent most of the day hugging a toilet. Delightful. Day 37 Diet Chocolate shake, peanut butter sandwich, chicken & dumplins, 2 slices cheddar cheese, tangerine, teriyaki steak with friend rice, zucchini, onions, mushrooms & carrots, a big ole bag of popcorn and 2 Sprites. Day 37 Workout [...]

Holiday Meltdown Ben vs Beck Day 31 and 32

Day 31 Diet chocolate protein shake, yogurt, pint of raspberries, turkey & swiss sandwich, tangerines, 2 sugar cookies, salad with an egg and tortilla soup Day 31 exercise BodyPump, lots of stretching and lots of planks Day 32 Diet chocolate protein shake, tangerines, trail mix, grilled chicken salad, 1 slice pizza, 3 cookies, 1/2 of [...]