Slave to Normal

We are sheep following a shepherd named normal.

Wait, that’s not very Christian of me. The Lord is my shepherd.  He leads me beside still waters. Because of my shepherd, I fear no evil.

As long everything seems normal.

Lord, I will follow where you lead as long as it’s normal. Please don’t call me from my comfort zone.  

Lord, over and over in scripture you tell me to be strong and courageous. You say “Don’t be afraid because I will never leave or forsake you.” I believe you as long as my circumstances feel comfortable.

The Lord cannot lead me beside still waters when the noise of normal drowns out his voice. It’s easy to pick and choose which of the Lord’s paths I will follow – some are easier than others. We like to keep things ‘normal’ when it comes to spiritual gifts, too… some of that stuff makes us uncomfortable.

Because it’s all about us.

But Jesus called us to something else. He came to set the captives free, and I think part of that freedom is a release from the bondage of normal. The Bible is weird – really weird. It’s full of weird people doing weird things because they served a weird God- the same weird God who humbled himself to the form of a man who did weird things and died on the cross me.

Did God stop calling people to do weird things or did we stop listening? Have we exchanged our shepherd’s voice for the voice of normal? God calls people from their comfort zones to take steps as a response their faith in him.

When is the last time God stirred in your gut? When is the last time you let Jesus make you uncomfortable? When is the last time you responded?